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Narrator: Welcome to the history of the tribes known as Spines.
We will explore the lives and thriving existence of these inhabitants in their world. Additionally, we will delve into their perspective on enemies and surrounding concerns.
I will now hand over to the Spiri (Elder) of the Spiricub tribe to guide you through the history and world of this race.
I will pop in to translate from time to time. Enjoy your first steps onto Koa.

Welcome to Koa. Welcome to the home of Spiricub.

The first tribe, the first to settle these lands.

We theorized that by staying, we could produce our own food and create shelter.

As we discovered more, the tribe thrived and expanded until we had to split to find more room for our kind to dwell.

Each new colony was sent to specific mapped areas, with the concept that these groups would take on specific roles within the tribe.

Pramor were the hunters; they knew where the plains were and how the wilds would hold bounty. They understood the cycles of birth and death and would never overhunt, allowing populations to grow and dwindle. They tended the plains to help these mighty beasts feed and expand, knowing which beings would provide the best meats, leathers, and furs throughout the seasons.

Intila, headed to an area of unnatural forms and facades. This tribe comprised thinkers, problem solvers, left to discover and map the lands. Settling in the forest that rose so high it would block out the skies, they hunted through the forests for information buried away from the sight of others and discovered things they would.

Nawbrak had a way with the land, unlike the Pramor; they could make vegetation flourish, had an understanding of what each thing could do, and would do. Not only could they grow and make foods from grains and plants, but they could also domesticate some of the creatures that roamed near their lands, providing another source of food in the locations of these great lumbering creatures.

Eruhurt had a way with their hands, an ability to look at an object and know what they could do with it. They discovered the first metals, worked out how to melt them, turned them into tools, and advanced the tribes to the next age. They did not build weapons of war; they built hoes, spades, and scythes. The weapons and armor would come when the first of the Scarcs came out of the hills and forests and began to push the Intila out of their new settlement.


This was the first war the Spine had been in, and they were on the small side compared to the Scarc. These monsters were giants, able to leap great distances, climb anything, and with weapons or bare hands, could do a lot of damage to the Spine warriors. The quills upon the backs of the warriors held these Scarc from doing too much damage when they attacked, but it meant turning your eyes away from the enemy, and this was never a smart choice.


The war suddenly ended.

The Spine never attacked or gave chase; the Scarc just stopped coming. The spies sent out have said they seemed to be infighting within their tribe, but it was just a rumor; no spine had ever attempted to communicate with Scarc, though it has been brought up during a council meeting.

The tribes are starting to reach their limit for resources and room. The Spines need to expand, and the plan is forming on how to do this and where to do this. Though the scouts report there are more foes in the lower lands, along with more of these skybound forests. A rumor has it that there are dry underground rivers to be explored as well, though this seems to be where the foes hide. This time when we go through, we will be ready to fight to hold these new lands we plan to move into.


We will defend our place on Koa.

A Spine stands with a slight stoop, and from floor to head measures on average 5' tall.


They have quills that form over years as their hair mats due to the oils it produces and brings them to a point; they normally fall down their back and head as the weight drags them down.


As they age, these can fall out; some will suffer baldness, but this is generally only on the head.


Unlike an actual hedgehog, they are not able to roll into a ball to defend themselves. But the way the quills grow over the shoulder and spine area does give them some tough natural armor when they are being attacked from behind.


All Spines are omnivores. Though they don't eat predators, they do make armor from them as their hides are more resilient than herbivores.


The tribes are ruled by a council, which is also ruled by a high council. To become an Elder or Spiri, you firstly have to be wise and old and also a Spine. You also need to have worked in different areas. Though each settlement is set to a specific need, Spines will move between them if they feel they have a different skill to where they first lived; this keeps diversity within each of the tribes. Though each settlement has a specific role in the tribe, they also do all the other jobs in each settlement. It is just that each settlement is specifically set up to train in that role.


These are the Spines of Koa.

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